To achieve the goal of truly stemming global climate change, we must fundamentally transform  the way we power our global economy. Such a transformation will require all of us to engage in a concerted effort over the near and long-term, to seek out opportunities and design actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Global Green is working on several fronts to help stem global climate change including policy and advocacy.

1.Strengthen building codes and energy labeling;

2.Encourage integrated design approaches and innovations;

3.Develop and use advanced technology to enable energy-efficient behavior;

4.Develop workforce capacity for energy saving; and

5.Mobilize for an energy-aware culture. 

6.Use subsidies and price signals to incentivize efficiency investments; 


GREMEN DESIGN helps you to select lighting with efficient illumination and great ambient. Working with factories producing various lighting at high quality and reliability to ensure  customer satisfaction according to their requirement and budget.


No matter where in the world we work, we never forget the same practice of good result and responsibility towards our entire customer.  Our team regularly donates time and resources to source for latest lighting.  


The growing market of LED is being push a bright future with the world greatly concerned over the global pollution by set up of new associations like Clinton Climate, Green Global and LEED (Lighting Energy Efficient Development).


Currently GREMEN LED products are suitable for refurbishment market and new application projects like shopping mall, hotels, retail outlets, commercial buildings and landscape.


The company will be using the latest technology components from their existing partner from USA, Italy, Korea and Taiwan expertise to develop good quality and reliable LED products with competitive costing to compete in the future market  of LED Solid State Lightings and Lamps.


GREMEN will be aiming to give their customers like Architects, M & E Consultant, Interior Designer, Developers and Contractor a service that covers advice, supply and design in lighting under one roof.